Wednesday, 21 May 2014

We Live in Parallel Universes

Here is the first of my forgotten draft posts. It wasn't finished so I thought I would add to it to highlight the differences over 4 years. I've also added this photo of Cameron at 15 years of age dressed up and ready to go to school for Foundation Day - he's a Swagman.

Cameron 15 years old
We live in parallel universes with Cameron. On one hand he is 15 yrs old with teenage mood swings, pimples and a desire to destroy what little hearing he has left with very loud music.

CD Player - Very Loud
On the other hand he spends hours playing with his Primo throwing it around the room and building basic towers. like a two year old. He gets angry like a two year when he can't get his own way and wants cuddles like a two year old when he's scared.

Prmo - Almost indestructible
He looks at board books and rips them.

Board Book - Heading for the bin
He pushes buttons on anything with a button. He doesn't play, he investigates at a very basic level. He will pick an object up, look at it and if it doesn't grab his attention immediately he disregards it.


You would think after 4 years I could write about all the enormous differences from what I wrote back then but unfortunately no. Cameron still rips up books, still has a short attention span if he is not immediately interested, he still likes his music really loud but now it is on his ipad. We have moved from Primo to Duplo.

Cameron has changed a lot in 4 years, he is so much more engaged in life and aware of his surroundings. He is no longer Epileptic which is a huge difference. He has finished school and is now with his Post School Options Provider and me during the week. There have been enormous changes in Cameron's life and yet he still lives the same life.

Reflecting back on the title of this blog post - Parallel Universes - I think that is still true. Cameron is now a grown man, strong enough to knock me off my feet. We are currently going through an extreme self pleasuring phase which is causing some distress to those of us sharing the same home with him. He obviously has strong sexual urges like any young man his age but he lacks the appropriateness which would be age appropriate.

We live in one existence with a mature young man with an appetite to match his size, a sex drive to match most young men and a social personality which attracts people to him. In our other existence we have a toddler who only has a good attention span if the activity is truly motivating to him, he is stubborn and gets upset easily if he can't do what captures his attention in the moment. He still likes The Wiggles and Playschool, still rips up board books and investigates young children's toys. He has an ipad like other young adults which is full of apps like a toddler. He needs constant supervision for his own safety and requires assistance with all his personal care needs and activities outside the safety of his own front door. Plus he can't talk.

We delight in his achievements whilst reliving the same existence we have with Cameron for so many years. We live with our feet in two worlds - we live in parallel universes.

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