Monday, 16 June 2014

Cam Got a Haircut .... Ooops

Cameron 18yrs old

On Saturday Cameron went with MMM to get a much needed hair cut. I was referring to his hair as Sideburns Gone Wild. He really needed a hair cut.

They went to the new hairdresser we had found after a bad experience at a hairdresser a few months back. He looked so bad that time I actually felt he needed to go and get another hair cut. Prior to that we had been travelling back to his old hairdresser near our old house. Changing hairdressers is one of the bad aspects of moving. I still haven't braved up myself.

MMM has done such a great job of teaching Cameron how to behave in hairdressing salons and Cameron has built up his skills to the point that he can now sit in the chair independently. I'm so proud of him and I think he's proud of himself.

This visit MMM settled Cameron into a chair and spoke with the hairdresser before leaving them both and sitting in the waiting area. Cameron did really well and after a quick consult with MMM about whether product should be put in his hair or not the hairdresser was just tidying up the back before the hair cut was over when ........

Cameron whipped around to look at something. Whooops. the clippers shot up through the back of Cameron's hair leaving a very uneven hair cut.

The poor hairdresser then had to even his hair up meaning that as the temperatures are dropping here in Perth, Western Australia and we are rugging up for winter Cameron is now sporting a very cool summer length hair cut.

Cameron 18 yrs old

What a duffa. Oh well, his hair is cut and it will be a while before he needs another one. And full marks to his hairdresser who dealt with the situation so beautifully. We have definitely found Cameron's new hairdresser.

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  1. It's amazing how some good can come out of a disater. I remember shaving Luke's hair not realising the guard had come off, I scalped him , although it did look better . Glad you have found a new hairdressers. I have to cut Luke's hair and Zak well I can't get him to sit down yet.