Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Just How Many Pairs of Jeans Does One Person Need???


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I just like to tell people when I think a  product or service is good.


Recently I took Cameron shopping for Jeans. He very inconsiderately grew out of about 4 pairs of last years jeans and now that we don't have school uniforms we need more casual clothes.

We walked into our favourite men's wear shop - Ed Harry at Southlands Shopping Centre and told our favourite shop assistant, who's name I think is Hannah - that I needed 4 pairs of jeans for Cameron. She is like the angel of shop assistants and has been dressing Cameron for the last few years. She guided us through the transition from children's clothes sizes to men's and also guided us into what was appropriate and fashionable for Cameron to be wearing. Cam's been looking pretty cool ever since we met her.

We started searching around the shop discussing what the other guys his age are wearing and what will look good on him. We eventually walked into the change rooms with an arm load of jeans.

Thankfully nobody else was in the change rooms and I was able to put Cameron into the end room where I could keep the door open and let him walk out to look in the mirror at the end of the passage. The change rooms are way too pokey for two adults.

I started undressing Cameron and he started growling. I'd stand up and undo his button and zip and then squat down as I pulled his jeans down and wrangled them off his feet with him grabbing onto whatever he could find to keep his balance. Cam kept growling. Jeans fitted and jeans didn't fit and the jeans kept coming until at one point I was completely confused as to what fitted and what didn't. But Cam kept growling.

I started to get really hot and then the sweat started. I was getting quite a work out trying well over 20 pairs of jeans on Cameron. And Cameron didn't appreciate one single drip of my sweat, he was just mad that I kept putting jeans on him and taking them off him.

We eventually ended up with 6 pairs of jeans that fitted and I was so exhausted that we bought them all. I wasn't going through all that to leave something that fitted in the shop.

Cameron happily escaped the change room and proceeded to check out the service desk and try and use the computer while Hannah and I sorted out my mess.

As I stood there ready to pay Cameron's growls were still ringing in my ears and then the thought occurred to me that nobody else had come into the change room while we had been in there and we'd been in there a long time. I quickly apologized realizing that we possibly put customers off with our racket. That is when Hannah said the sweetest words I'd heard in a while.

"You didn't but if any customers had said anything they would be customers I wouldn't have wanted anyway."

My heart melted, how often do we as special needs parents receive such support from people in the retail world. I wanted to cry.

Over the last few years Cameron has really challenged us as we have bought him clothes at Ed Harry and Hannah has always looked after us with a smile on her face and wonderful support. She is one of our favourite shop assistants.

You would think 6 pairs of jeans was a little excessive but I am so glad I bought them all because Cameron being Cameron has actually wet his way through most of them in a day, a couple of times now. We always need to be prepared as the Girl Guides say.

The morning after our shopping exhibition I woke up and as soon as I moved my legs I felt pain shooting through my thigh muscles. I lay there for a second wondering why I was in so much pain and then it came to,. I'd done squats for 45 minutes the day before and now my muscles were complaining - loudly. Ouch.

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