Friday, 13 June 2014

Knock Knock, Who's There ........

Knock Knock

Who's there?

Knock Knock

Cameron, you don't need to knock.

Cameron has decided that you should knock when entering doors in any situation. That includes his bedroom, shops, the bathroom, the dance studio, the laundry, our front door and public toilets.

I am presuming that Cameron was taught to knock at school, probably when entering other class rooms or staff members offices. However, Cameron being Cameron has decided that this skill is required in all situations no matter how ridiculous it seems. He has a habit of adapting skills he learns in one situation into other situations whether they are appropriate or not.

He knocks on the door of The Institute and then knocks on the door of the empty therapy room we enter. He will even knock on the main door when we are leaving The Institute. It doesn't worry him if there is no actual door or if the door way is enormous or small, he will find something to knock on.

When shopping he insists on knocking as we are trying to enter shops and has also knocked as we entered the disabled toilet. This could be looked upon as politeness but when it's done Cameron style it's frustrating.

The funniest knocking is at home where he will knock on his bedroom door, the kitchen door, the front door as we are trying to enter or exit. We keep all the doors open so he isn't entering closed rooms. I don't think I've caught him knocking on his wardrobe door but I wouldn't be surprised.

So life is full of ......

Knock Knock

Cameron you don't need to knock

Knock Knock

Cameron stop knocking we just have to walk in

Knock Knock

Cameron, let go of the door frame and just get in there.

You never know, one day he might actually tell  me a knock, knock joke but in the mean time at least I know he understands it's polite to knock,

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