Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Where's Cam? Yelling at People Over the Fence.

Cameron 18yrs old

Cameron really doesn't have much chance to be independent so when he wants to go outside and look over the fence, I let him.

He used to stand outside at our old house and look over the fence and there he had a view of the school oval so he watched people jogging and people walking dogs after school. He would have loved it this year now that he isn't at school because he could have watched school sports carnivals and sports lessons.

Recently some friends arrived and when they did the obvious question was asked - Where's Cameron? Oh, he's outside yelling at people, I said casually. Oh my goodness, he's yelling at people!!!

Yep, there he was standing at the fence yelling something that was incomprehensible to passers by. I can't imagine what people were thinking and considering some of the people who live around here, I'm surprised we didn't hear people yelling back at him.

He was quickly enticed inside because we had visitors he loved but today he decided he was going outside and I had a mini panic. What if he started yelling again? The lovely old lady was outside across the road, would she be offended?

Thankfully he was quiet today and just watched the world go by for about half an hour. But you can see in his eye a wistful look of longing to be out there in the big wide world himself and that makes me feel sad for him.

Cameron 18 yrs old

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