My Little Angel

My Little Angel is our daughter who is eight years younger than Cameron.

When she was born she healed a lot of broken hearts. She was like an angel entering our world, spreading love and sunshine.

We were very content with our little family of three but something was missing and that something was My Little Angel. My Marvellous Man had a dream and in that dream he saw our family - the three of us and a little girl. The day she was born his dream came true.

As a sibling of a big brother with special needs My Little Angel has special needs herself and presents challenges that we didn't foresee. Her life can be confusing - she is the youngest but intellectually she is the oldest, she is a sibling and yet at times she is an only child. However this is the only life she knows and she accepts it and copes very well.

We are always shocked when My Little Angel decides she will take matters into her own hands and look after Cameron or a situation he has created. We have found her changing his pants, including dirty ones. She has showered him, fed him, enticed him to take his medicine and cleaned up after him. She does it all with incredible love and patience.

She is incredibly supportive and has been since she was very young. She will walk in and give you a hug when it's all going wrong, she will quietly whisper comforting words and assure you that it will be okay whilst she is doing everything she can to make it all better. More than once when I have disappeared into a quiet corner to have a cry she has suddenly appeared and just cuddled me.

My Little Angel is a normal young girl who challenges her parents to learn how to live her life. She has passions and friends, dislikes and disputes but she is My Little Angel who is dancing her way through life.