Cameron 2016
Cameron was born a healthy bouncing baby boy. First grandchild on both sides of the family and much awaited by family and friends. It had taken five years to have Cameron and we were overjoyed with our little baby boy.

At five and a half months of age Cameron developed Pneumococcal Meningitis which left him with an acquired brain injury, epilepsy, total deafness in his right ear, a weakness in his right eye and muscle weakness down his right side. As a baby Cameron was diagnosed with developmental delay and dyspraxia but as time went by this was changed to an intellectual disability.

Initially Cameron lost all his abilities and had to relearn the most basic of skills, such as how to suck. It was as if a new born baby had been handed to us and we had to start all over again.

Cameron started therapy as soon as he was awake and free of machines to support his body. Therapy has been a major part of his life and continues today twenty one years later. We have tried mainstream therapies and alternative therapies in an attempt to find the key to open his brain and let it do all the amazing things we know it can do.

Cameron is extremely loving and endears himself to just about everyone he meets. He loves hugs and cuddles and still thinks sitting on your knee is a great thing to do. But Cameron is unable to talk, is not toilet trained and lives his life unable to do most things that a young man can do. Cameron is a two year old inside an adults body.

We love our Cam and because Cameron is No Ordinary Kid we have learnt and grown as people and parents beyond anything we could have ever imagined. This is not the road we imagined we would travel but it's certainly been quite a ride.