Is that a No-Yes or a No-No?

If I had a dollar for everytime a person has looked at me with a puzzled expression and eyes asking - does he want it?  I would be well on my way to paying off the mortgage. And I have days of frustration when people don't include Cameron in something, or give him something, that everyone else has or he needs, because he said No.

We live in Cameron's world and in that world there are Cameronisms, yes, in his world I get to make up words. Cameronisms are the little things that only Cameron does and all the significant people in his life understand his Cameronisms but for everyone else it is really confusing.

It can be challenging to ask Cameron a question. For example - Cameron would you like a drink? He will shake his head No. Okay, the natural assumption is that he doesn't want a drink but we have learnt after many years of living in Cameron's world that you have to question the answer. His No could be a No or it could be a Yes. Confused? I know, it gets like that around here.

There is an invisible switch inside Cameron's head that answers most questions with No. I don't know why but it does. You could ask him if he wants a lolly and he will answer - No. ?????? He loves lollies. You could ask him if he'd like to watch TV and he will answer - No. Again, ?????? He will sneak in and turn the TV on whenever he thinks I'm not watching, rarely does he not want to watch TV.

We have learnt to question any No with, now is that a No-No or a No-Yes. If you're lucky the switch flips and you get a Yes, if ├Żou're unlucky he will still say No whilst giving all the body language signs for Yes. It can get frustrating but we have learnt to challenge his switch and if he says No a second time then we walk away, if he really wants whatever it is you are offering the switch will flip and he will grab you, the item he wants or he will scream really loudly to let you know he is dissatisfied with your behaviour because clearly his No was a Yes.

However there are certain questions that hardly ever get a No of any kind. Cameron, would you like to watch a Wiggles DVD? To that question you get a quick and happy head shake Yes and then you have to keep up with him as he races to chose a DVD or turn on the TV. Cameron, would you like to come with me in the car?  Watch out, Cameron coming through, he will even go and get his shoes without being asked. The trouble is when you get home and he thinks he hasn't had a long enough drive - he will refuse to get out of the car.

So, if you  meet Cameron and he answers Yes to a question you can be assured that he means Yes but if he answers No, well, it could mean No or it could mean Yes. You have to use some common sense and guess. His yell will usually let you know if you got it wrong and it's really important to him. Or, look at his sad puppy dog eyes as you walk away, you can usually figure it out by then.


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